New Adventure

I have done Nursing for over 17 years, taking care of seniors making sure they’re needs are met. I have always worked in a facility (LTC) and at my age and all the years I have been doing this job, I have been having a hard time.  The hard time is that I know where my heart belongs and with Mom living with my husband and myself we have found that there is a need out in the Rurals, to help the families that need help when their parents still live at home or with them.  My experience and training is not being used to its fullest potential in the facility. Thankfully, my learning and my personal development that I have been doing with my coaching has helped me grow confidence and strength. Helping me come out of my shell and know what my greatest desires are and what I’m going to do!!

So my Newest adventure is this, I’m going to be doing my own Private Homecare!! I have a good friend who actually helps me with mom and she and I are going to be partners. What does this mean? It means I can go where I’m needed most, helping those who need help and show them I care and would love nothing more than to make sure they feel loved and taken care of.  My mom is the most important person (my mini me) besides my husband of course and my kids. She’s always there to support me and my crazy ideas. So now I am able to do the same. Be there for her when she needs me most. I know there are many children my age going through this with their parents and loved ones as well, that’s why I know my heart belongs out there, helping as many as I can.

So they can stay home as long as possible. My mom’s biggest fear is to go to a Nursing Home. For as long as I can remember she has always said that she would ” Never go in one” and I promised her as  long as it’s possible I will do my best to not let that happen. Thank goodness I have the best husband in the world who has done nothing but support and help my mom and I , fulfilling those wishes.

My Company Name Is “Prairie Girls Care” I thought it was most suitable for where we live and what I do. I Care!! If my journey has helped anyone of you to go for your dreams or to chase what you love most. That is my biggest wish!! fullsizeoutput_55c6


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