IMG_9510OK, so how many of you love Fridays?!  For some of you its the end of a work week! So what are you going to do? Have any plans? I swear every day is an awesome day, but what I love the most about Friday’s is that’s the day my hubby comes home from being away. As much as I love the time with just my mom and myself. I do miss that guy. But this weekend I won’t see him until Late Sunday afternoon. So that’ll be 5 days.  Which leaves my mom and hubby alone together, for Friday, Saturday and most of the sunday.  I hope they don’t kill each other. lol. I think they’re looking forward to it, or at least I hope. I’ll keep thinking that while I’m away.

So why am I going away? Well, this amazing Company that I have had the chance to be involved with is having a big event this weekend in Calgary.  I have never been involved in anything like this at all, in my entire life to meet people that I have been inspired by. To Learn more and experience more so I can grow into an even more amazing Coach.  To share with my challengers and be there for them to guide and inspire.  Here I am 50 years old and I’m still learning but the best fun is that I love to learn anything New and Exciting, go figure !!  Us old girls like to learn new things haha.

As part of a perk, I also get to workout with a super trainer Joel Freeman, I know many of you don’t even know who that is but trust me this guy is awesome. He’s super nice and he’s very eye appealing. Yes, I’m acting like an old cougar but man who wouldn’t want to workout with someone you see all the time on your TV that you can actually get a picture with and get to meet in person!

One of the other perks is I actually get to meet my team of other coaches, who have been so great and helpful.  They are always willing to share their experiences and how to connect with people. I am wunderlust right now, I had to pinch myself 3 times this morning to make sure this wasn’t a cruel joke or a dream. I even checked my ticket to make sure it was me lol. Have you ever had that feeling?


As much as I love my hubby and miss him terribly this sure is a special treat to get to look at.  So wish me luck and I will definitley share with you what knowledge I have learned!


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