Throw Back Thursday

fullsizeoutput_615bDo you ever have those days when you look in the mirror or a picture of you from the past and can’t believe it was you?  This happens to me all the time. It’s not that I’m conceited or shallow. It’s just one of those things that I find hard to believe. I have never had good eating habits, even when I was a kid. I can remember my mother pouring sugar on top of lettuce to sweeten it so I would eat it. Or in high school eating chocolate doughnuts for breakfast and skittles every day.  You would think with that kind of eating habits I was a chunky kid. In fact, I was the opposite, my mother even took me to the dr.’s because she thought I was anorexic. I can remember my prom dress being a size 4.

But as all things change as we grow older my body did as well, so with the eating habits I had and then having children, let’s just say I was never a size 4 again. In fact, I went up to a 24. For most of my adult life.  When it came to a time in my life I knew I had to do something, I knew I was headed for disaster. I wanted to be around when my kids started to have kids and get married. I made that decision in my head that I was going to take care of my body and only fuel it properly. You could say in a way that I finally learned how to properly eat and follow a meal plan. Eating my vegetables without sugar, not eating processed foods.  I always tell my challengers we are never too old to learn anything New. There is always time to change our bad habits into good habits.

So here I am age 50, and I’m the healthiest I have ever been my whole life. Maybe that’s what we call a slow learner, but I’m fine with that. At least I know now and I know I have another 50 good years left in me. The funny thing is I feel absolutely younger than I really am. I feel more like 30! But when I was 30 I did feel like I was 50.  If there’s one thing I can tell you is to Never give up. You are capable of so many things, that you want, you just have to set your mind to doing it and not giving up on your goal / Dream. I didn’t and it got me to this stage in my life. I am so thankful for everything, I am truly blessed with a second chance in life. No way am I going to give it away. I intend on living it to the fullest. Never taking for granted all the blessings I have.


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