Ok, how many of you have ever heard of Affirmations? I have never really thought of them before, let alone used them.  But I have to tell you if there is one thing this amazing journey has taught me is that I am everything that these affirmations say.  I never believed it before. Now thankfully I have learned that I am capable of so much. Have you ever felt that way?

Even as a wife, mother, daughter and sister, I have always felt that I have to make sure that my family have everything they need. I am there for them in every way I can. That I had lost sight of what was important to me, I never in my whole life ever really thought of what I wanted or what I felt. I was always too busy watching out for my sister when I was a teenager and then a fairly young wife (according to these days) and then a mom of 2 amazing daughters.

I think as us women we tend to do that, lose sight of what our needs are and wants. Until our children have grown up and either moved on to their life, but then our parents get to a stage that they might need our help more. ( aka. my mom) so then we have to be there for them as well as a spouse or significant other.  Before I started this journey, really the only type of reading I did was either those “smut” magazines my mother would call them. You know the ones just before the checkouts or fiction books like Daniel Steele, Nora Roberts etc.  Kind of like an escape from reality, I never really thought I was smart enough to learn anything new.

When Beachbody came into my life, the biggest thing and the most important thing they want you to do is Not Sell, but to do Personal Development.  I thought you must be crazy! But no they’re not crazy.  They want their coaches to succeed and this is the best way to do that. Learn new things about what you’re capable of. How much you can chase your dreams and actually live them.  So this is one of my Newest Habits I have learned, I strongly encourage you to do the same, it has literally changed my mindset on my day and my week and my success.  Go on Pinterest, I even found an Affirmations Journal that is a very good way to learn a new good habit, write them down, find the affirmations that you feel make you feel good, and challenge you. Post them on your bathroom mirror, your fridge, your office, anywhere you can see them. I have listened to some audiobooks that even say post them in your car. Whatever you need to do to get you to focus on YOU and what You want to do with your life, career, family and most importantly YOU!!

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