Mom’s Outing

IMG_1517.JPGThis isn’t the best picture of my mom, but yesterday we had quite a day.  I have to say she is getting so much stronger and happier.  She had an appt. with a psychiatrist and this was the first time meeting this gentleman. So I was expecting her to be nervous and when she’s nervous she gets shaky, her walking is next to nill. So I had full intentions of pushing her in her wheelchair.  But this little lady surprised me, she got up, I helped her get dressed which is getting less and less I might add.  Then she came out to the living room, took her pills while I was getting ready. Then before I knew it she was already heading to the door, walking with her walker. So I quickly got my stuff together, and off we went. She was listening to the radio, bopping her head to the music.

So I told her we’d stop at her favourite place “Tim Hortons” so she could have an Ice Cap. We were a tad early. She walked all the way from the car to the building up the elevator and to the waiting room! Not shuffling, or anything.  Then we waited and her appt was for 11 were got there at 10:45. But we didn’t get in until 11:30, while we were waiting she was chuckling at the little boy playing in the toy area. It was like she was her old self again.  When the gentleman called her name I asked if she wanted me to push her she said no she was alright. So once again she walked and it was a long walk down two long aisles.  She told me as we were walking she didn’t care for this fellow, I said we haven’t even talked yet. She said she a feeling.  Well, she was right we were in there maybe 15 min. Hardly did anything, mom talked to him told him how she was feeling and basically, he told her she should appreciate the fact that Terry and I have her at the house and that she’s not in a Nursing Home.  Then he wrote her a script ( which I had to tell him the dose) and off we were. Mom said ” that was clearly a waste of time” I actually agreed with her and told her we’d have a nice lunch.

We got to Smitty’s and she ordered her favourite. “3 cheese grilled cheese” mostly because it has 8 strips of bacon lol. She was enjoying it immensely. So I asked her if she wanted to go anywhere, this used to be our ritual before she got really sick, was driving into town doing our shopping and having a nice lunch. So she wanted to go to GIANT TIGER.  She walked all the way to Giant Tiger from the parking lot and started looking at the shoes and stuff, then she stopped and I asked her if she was ok. She said her legs were starting to get weak. I told her to sit and I’d push her. She had done a lot of walking and she did amazing today.  She asked if I was sure, I  said absolutely. So we got her snacks, and a pair of cute shoes and went to Walmart for a quick minute.  She stayed in the car this time.  Then we drove home. She had an amazing day. It was so nice to have her out today and an enjoyable day. When we got home, she went up the stairs walked to her chair. Put on her Netflix.   Started watching this New Show with Kathy Bates called “Disjointed”  I went downstairs for my workout, when I came up I asked her if she liked the show? She said it would be better if she was smoking Pot while watching it. !! But then proceeded to watch the whole series.  Eating her chips, drinking her pop. What a gal!

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