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IMG_0691You know how we say “how time flies” well I would never have guessed that this fellow and myself have actually been together since I was 17. Not quite 18, I can remember like it was yesterday, here is this cool guy on the city bus walking down to grab a seat and everyone knew him. Yes, he was the popular one, the cute one, and I was sitting in a single seat with my head down hoping he didn’t catch me blushing and staring at him.
When he finally asked me out to the movies it was a restricted movie. I’m not even sure if they do Restricted movies anymore.  Anyway, he was 18 I was 17 with a fake Id(school ID ) with the date written on it. Trying to convince the cashier I was 18. My face was red, I was rambling as I always do when I’m nervous. I think they felt sorry for me and gave me the ticket.  I then proceeded, to spill the popcorn on the floor, let’s just say I don’t think I made a good first impression. lol.

Now I’m 50 and my husband Terry will be 51 this year. We are still growing and learning things about each other that we never knew. I was never allowed to have pets. Terry said they had a dog, I believe and his sister had a cat, but that’s about it for animals and this fellow has ended up with 4 dogs, all because I’m a softy and love everyone. The only one that has a love hate with me is His dog, Wylie. He is definitely Terry’s boy. Wylie only puts up with me when Terry isn’t around.  But now we have our newest Lola and she is a very needy, sucky little girl. Well, she’s not really little but she sure is needy and sucky. When I’m not around, she’s all over hubby.


Now one of the other traits my husband has which has quite surprised me is his new hobby, and of course, it’s a bit expensive but he loves it and endlessly watches video after video of training for it. I wonder half the time if he’s actually watching it or just snoozing but saying he’s watching it. His new hobby is GUNS. I never in a million years would have thought he would be a gun owner, not just to one gun but to 3 his latest is a Russian SKS( that’s all I know about it. ) So I thought it could be something we did together. As long as it was only for shooting targets. NO ANIMALS!! So every once in a while we go out to a friends farm and shoot a few rounds.


We’ve never really been one of those couples that have to do everything together.. In fact, I can only think of a few things we like to do together as a fun thing. One is FOOTBALL.  That is a most definite,  I honestly think I’m a bigger fan than him.  Two I would say is Guns.  Finally Three I would have to say is his love for APPLE products. That’s more his thing, but I like them all the same.

IMG_1179So for as long as I’ve known this guy (aka My husband), I’m so glad that we are still learning new things, and remembering how it used to be.  Ever changing and focusing on us. Now that our 2 beautiful daughters have grown and left the nest, this amazing guy has actually taken my mom in to help take care of her as long as we are able. I don’t know very many Husband’s that would let their Mother In Law’s move in with them for the duration being Unknown.  But in his own way, I know he loves her like a mom and worries about her as much as I do.  I feel like our lives are just beginning into a new chapter. Can’t wait to see what we’ll get ourselves into next. I for one think we should try sky diving!! What do you think? IMG_0031


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