My Girls

Generaux_1I know that every Mom I know feels the same way I do about their children. If there is anything I can honestly feel is my most precious and biggest accomplishment are my girls. Words cannot describe how deeply I feel for these two beautifully smart and witty ladies.

The one thing I love and am always astounded is how totally opposite they are! But they do have one thing in common which I’m not sure if they would agree is that they both have a very big heart. I like to think that its one thing they inherited from myself.

When we were on vacation I suggested to my daughter’s  Eryn & Chelsea that thought it would be a good idea to have some photo’s taken of them with their grandparents. We haven’t been very good at keeping up to date with family photo’s. With my parents aging and the scares we had with Mom recently the girls thought it was a perfect time that we are all in the same spot together to get it done.  Eryn did some research and found a good friend Eric who is a photographer and just so happened to have the time to help us with this accomplishment. I am so grateful.  It is truly a moment we will always cherish. Will have these photos forever.  My only regret is that my husband wasnt here to have a good family picture, but I’m hoping we’ll be able to do one soon. Hopefully next time we are in Ontario.

My Daughter Eryn is my first born, she has always been so smart and very determined even when she was a baby. My father in law I believe actually said at our Wedding I hope your first born is just like you ( pointing to my husband) Well he wasnt kidding.  Eryn has definite traits like her father. But I like to think she has some of me in her as well. She was already speaking full sentences by the time she was 1 year old. Never crawled, didn’t have time to waste on that she went from sitting to walking in no time. Which is pretty much how she was all through her childhood, teenage and now she is a woman who is really blossoming into a kind, big heart, smart witted woman. Which I know she will be an amazing Mom too. She is so much more sure of herself than I was when I had her.  We all have mistakes as a first time Mom , and boy I made plenty. But I’m so grateful that with all the mistakes I probably made she grew up being the amazing woman she is.



My Daughter Chelsea is my Youngest daughter.  Like I said before she is totally opposite to her sister in alot of ways.  She unfortunately is alot like her mother and wears her heart on her sleeve. But she is also alot like her dad too and has that no nonsense black and white reasoning.  She was so easy going and laid back as a baby , unless it was meal time and you had to ready to feed her before she woke up because she would scream bloody murder until she was fed. She was a definite schedule baby. No getting around that, she had specific times and she would not falter. I even think to this day she is the same way in a certain aspect. She likes schedules and preparing. ( just like her dad)  She was easy going and laid back and was a happy baby. Just like her sister super smart, she used to hate it when her friends from school would tell her that too. So it’s no wonder she became a Nurse. With a big heart and the smarts, mostly because she loves a challenge.


I guess in a way my girls are opposites but in alot of ways they are very much alike. Which is why I’m so proud of them.

Every mom’s dream is that their children will be successful, happy , healthy and reach their dreams and go farther than they’re parents did. My girls have done just that. I will so look forward to being a grandma when the time comes. They will be the best mom’s ever. Even better than myself.



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