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Now with keeping my Sunday as a family blessings kind of day, I know you all know a lot about my mom.  She’s one of many reasons why I started this Blog lol. But what you don’t a lot about is my Dad.  He is what I like to call my other “Gentle Giant”. Everyone that meets this guy falls in love with him, and I’m so glad he came into my mom’s life when she needed a guy just like that. She needed a friend, confidant, and someone to show her what it means to really love someone.  That was this fellow. As strong as my mom was as a single mom, she needed to know that she can have true love, again or for the first time.

When he came into our life he showed us what it was like to have fun, and goof around. He also showed compassion. The only flaw I think my dad had was that he doesn’t like animals lol. So if you know how much I LOVE animals, it was tough to convince him to have a pet. Which I was never successful, my sister was and was finally able to have a fish. Then a bird( budgie mind you) but the budgie love the Young and the Restless.  So I think that’s why my dad allowed the bird to stay lol. He and my mom were avid Young and the Restless watchers, our supper time evolved around that show. Were any of your parent’s like that too?

Not that I got in trouble a lot, but there were probably a couple of times that I was in trouble.  By trouble, I mean skipping school.  I know such a rebel ( HA HA) well this one time I skipped a little too long and I knew my mom was going to get a call. So I went to the one person I knew would help me, it was my Dad. I met him at the parking lot of his work and he knew right away something was up. So I told him, and he looked at me and said don’t worry about it. I’ll talk with mom and we’ll get it sorted out.  That was my dad. The ever loving “Gentle Giant”.

He walked me down the aisle, as scared as I was. Not because I didn’t want to marry my husband but because everyone was staring at me. In case you didn’t know this, but I’m a shy person and hate being the centre of attention. So once again he told me to hold on to his arm and we’ll count the steps till we get to the front and not to worry. Well, the rest was history.

His memory isn’t as good as it used to be, he’s getting frail, his MS is catching up to him. Not sure how many more days I have to spend with my dad. But I cherish every moment I have with him. He might be my step dad by paper but he is truly my dad by heart. Generaux_5

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