Hard Week of Labour

After our two week vacation, I have found it was a real tough way to stay on target and keep my focus on eating healthy and exercising every day.  I know we don’t work out every day but it’s a routine that I’m used to workout for 6 days and 1 day of rest.  So I faced the demon and went on the scale and yes I could have ignored it and just avoided the fact that I ate ice cream, not as a treat but almost every night. lol. Or take out a lot.  But I knew that was my old way and the way that got me to gain up to 250 lbs.

I was NOT going down that road again. I have worked too hard. I have done so many fad diets, and non-fad diets, but I always gave up, when something would happen to throw me off course. Like vacation etc.  So when I saw I gained over 8 lbs I knew I had to kick it into action.  Thank goodness this brand new program started on the 5th of Sept. Which is kind of funny when I think of it. I love running, it is my true passion but when I bought a program called HAMMER & CHISEL. I’m not going to lie I was a little apprehensive because it was a cardio/ weight lifting program.  I used to go to the gym and I would play around with weights a bit, try and look like I knew what I was doing lol. I certainly didn’t have the money for a personal trainer. So I would go on you tube and see what I could find there and thought ok I know what to do. But it never amounted to much. So I stuck with running.

When I started Hammer & Chisel I wasn’t sure what to expect. Least of all I didn’t expect to love it! Which I do! I have had the best results with it, and boy do you sweat. Now it’s my all time favourite, so when I saw that SAGI( who is the personal trainer) for Hard Labour I was so excited. I knew it was meant to be because it was going to whip my butt into shape and get me focused on what I love (MYSELF), and feeling good, not frumpy.

Day 1 – OMG it did not disappoint, it was a killer. It was working on your back and chest. and my goodness it felt good and it also pushed me where I needed to go. It works with light, medium and heavy weights. But then he adds in Heavy Plus!! I know right?! I thought he was crazy, but I did it and I finished it.

Day 2- Was Leg day, well I used to love leg day lol. I was sore for 2 days after.  That heavy plus was brutal but it was good. It challenged me and that’s good. I needed that. Do you find sometimes you kind of take it easy when you workout and then when you want results and they’re not there you wonder why?

I made an oath to myself when I got back from vacation, NO more slacking. I am a Coach, I have ladies that look to me for guidance and support and when I’m eating ice cream telling them to keep going don’t give up. How hypocritical is that?  So I am giving it my all and making sure I stick to the nutrition just as much if not more than the exercise.

The good news is that I’ve already lost 5lbs !!. So it does work. Doing what I’m preaching I feel amazing, I can’t believe how the sugar cravings are gone, the late night snacking is gone. No craving for ice cream anymore.  SO I know when I start our new program on Sept 11 I’ll be right on point.

Now, unfortunately, I’ve had to put the working out on hold until my cold is gone, but I’m sticking to my nutrition and I know I’m going to do great.  I think that’s why I love this program so much, we all have days we don’t feel like doing it or don’t give it our all. But then it gives us the tools we need to get out of that funk and go to it. Accountability groups are a blessing and the Key to keeping it off.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. IMG_1379

This is my meal prep before I started the program, nothing but goodness here. IMG_1452

This is my starting weight before the program. Stay tuned for my end results !!


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