Lunch with an Old Friend

IMG_1166One of the things mom wanted most when we came back to London for vacation was to visit with her old school friend Carol.  They have been best friends since high school , and they have always kept in touch. When we lived here and when my parents lived with us at our house. Mom and Carol would go out for lunch or supper and sometimes Mom would go up to Carol’s trailer in the summer for a few days and had a blast.  They would play bingo, and all kinds of Old lady things lol.  They even went to a Celine Dion concert together.  They were quite the Dynamic Duo!

So yesterday Carol and Mom were finally able to meet for lunch and chat! It was so nice to see them hug and chat, it made mom’s day.  Chatting about the old times, and catching up on current events.  Oh and some good food too. It’s surprising that this little restaurant in the mall actually made some really good fish and chips. Mom had eggs and bacon ( of course )

Today Mom and Dad are getting quite a few visitors, my Aunt Gael and her daughter from Toronto,  my step brother Tony and his wife and then finally my Uncle Murray.  I have noticed a change in mom with her behaviour, a lot of this visiting and walking has been taking its toll. So thank goodness for my daughter Eryn, she comes over at night to check in and make sure mom is ok and had her pills. I come over in the morning. Get to hear all the juicy gossip of how it went. I asked her how she was doing and if she was enjoying herself, she said she’ll be glad when she’s back home for some peace and quiet. As well as being able to watch her Netflix. lol.  I think it’s because she wants the Remote for herself.

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