Ontario Humidity

Good Morning! I am sitting here at my make shift desk ( my daughter’s dining room table) and I let my grand puppy outside for a pee and the humidity is so thick out there I found myself thinking about Ice Cream! I have to admit it is one of my weaknesses, well anything sweet is my weakness. So if there are recipes that are a healthy version to help me stay on track and curb that sweet tooth I’m all over that.  That’s one of the reasons why I love Shakeology. It really does help me with my cravings. So I went on Pinterest and luckily I found this awesome recipe that I wanted to share with you!

Anyway, to stay cool and eat healthily I’m all over that. I haven’t come this far in my weight loss journey to throw it all away. Even though I’m on vacation and that’s usually the toughest time, I am still determined to stay on track the best I can. I’m not perfect and sticking 100%, I am only human after all, but I’m certainly not going to throw in the towel either.  It’s called Moderation, those small treats will help with staying on track and not totally go crazy!  So if you’re like me and love Ice cream this recipe will be a sure winner



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