Long Road Trip To Ontario

IMG_0982Every year we drive back to Ontario to visit with family and friends. Last year we had the privilege to join our best friend’s daughters’ wedding. This year our daughter is moving back to Ontario from Saskatchewan. So it has been bittersweet for me. But I want her to have the best life can offer her and if that’s where her heart is then I’m not going to stand in her way. That’s what us mom’s do right, for our kids, we only want them to have a successful and happy life.  My husband and I have offered to pack up the car with all her belongings and off to Ontario we go. Including our sweetie “Mook” our grand puppy.  The only downfall is that we have to drive through Canada this time. We normally drive through the U.S. to save time.  But we weren’t sure if the border would give us a hard time about Mook’s papers.

So we will have been on the highway for 30 hours. It is pretty for sure,  the trees , rocks, water. But it’s certainly not worth the time we could have saved if we had driven through the States.  Our Mook has been amazing and is such a good “Navigator” my husband calls her.  We have made a few stops and took some pictures too. Can’t pass up on a pic here or there lol.

Hubby and I have noticed that we aren’t as good as we used to be with our driving record. We have had to switch driving a lot more often than when we started this journey 5 years ago.   Which has slowed us down quite a bit, also the rain and construction of blasting Rocks!  But we will get there and will be able to enjoy our family and friends and spend quality time with as many as we can. Can’t wait!

If you’re wondering about my mom, well you don’t have to worry she flew to London, Ont. with my daughter. They arrived last night, late mind you. I guess they had a plane malfunction and almost had to stay in a hotel. But my daughter said she ( mom ) did really well.  Today she is enjoying her time with my dad. It’s going to be a big two weeks for everyone.!  I’ll definitely keep you posted on our travels.  Have a great Friday Night. !IMG_1008

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