Christmas For Puppy’s

One of the downfalls of living in the country is we don’t have a lot of stores, especially a pet store like Pet Smart. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, good thing is that I’m not spending as much money as I probably would if I had more access to these big stores.  On the plus side is that my daughter Eryn said that the dog’s toys were getting pretty ratty and that we should get them so new ones. Oh, my I don’t know who had more fun going through the toy section? Her or I, well we came out with 2 bags ( they were mostly on clearance) so that helped the budget as well.  Who doesn’t love a good bargain?

My pups have a very nice area out back, they have a shed we converted to a kennel, which has a futon, carpet, food bin, of course, water and a heater if it gets cold. Not to mention the outdoor covered area as well. So they are pretty spoiled as far as the farmers tell us out here in farm country.  But I still feel bad when they’re outside a long time.  Yesterday we were gone almost 12 hr. So when we got home with the two bags of toys we felt so much better knowing they were going to be happy.

We decided to put all the toys in a pile in the living room and out of the 5 dogs we knew for sure the 2 would go right to the pile.  Our big boy ( Pyrenees) couldn’t care less about toys at all. He just wanted cuddles right away. Even our pit bull/mix grabbed the cow toy and took it downstairs away from the others to play with it. It was adorable, we could hear a squeak every now and then. My daughter wanted me to go down and video her, but I knew the minute I went down the stairs she would stop lol.

The two we knew would go crazy for the toys was going to be Wylie (Shepherd cross) and Lola(Rottie/mix), and boy were we right. Wylie went crazy for the chicken as you can see in the video above, but Lola loved the Donkey which is funny because she loves to push her nose on toys and this one squeaked every time she pressed her nose. It was hilarious, either that or we were exhausted. Which was probably both the case.  We ended up having to put the donkey and chicken up high on the buffet so we could get a break from the noise and so they could settle.



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