Backseat Singer

Do you ever find that when you’re getting ready for your vacation, that it’s a lot more work than the trip itself? Well, yesterday my daughter had an appointment in Regina,  and we had some shopping to do to get ready for hubby and myself’s road trip to Ontario. So we got up early and hit the road for a 2-hour drive and so what can we do but have some good ole fun.

Every day is a new ball game with mom, we never know what kind of mood she will be in, in the morning. Well, luckily she was in a great mood whether it was because she’s getting excited to fly home to Ontario? Or just plain happy, but I tend to think it’s the vacation coming up.  My daughter was playing all kinds of music thanks to satellite radio and we put on Hits of the 90’s I believe, well when this song came on? I have never laughed so hard. She loved it so much so that she started singing the chorus line!

Song after song she was bopping away, whether it was country, the 70’s, or 80’s heck even the modern. She was having a great time. That made the long drive that much more entertaining and made it go faster too! Thursday we are on the road again only to the airport! I’ll keep you posted on how that goes !!

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