One of the best things about clean eating and healthy is that you get to experience a whole new world of flavours! I used to be pretty boring, believe it or not. I would shutter at the thought of a new restaurant , let alone a new meal.  But one thing I have discovered is that there are a lot of amazing recipes , flavours , tastes to explore so why not do it now!! This recipe I made a video demonstrating how I made this delicious  meal  and I thought I had better post the recipe so you guys can have it as well. Please feel free to tweet it the best way you can. I have tweeked this many different ways , so let me know what you substituted or tweeked. I have used leftover meat like pork, or you can do it vegetarian as well. Enjoy this recipe and I will definitely be posting a lot more favourites of mine. !! Happy Saturday !!

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