Mom’s Workout

Every day my mom watches me work out and make healthy choices. Most of the time she turns her nose up and gives me a face like the grumpy cat; especially when I make my Shakeology smoothie. Then she’ll continue to eat her chips and eggs lol. She is a true English woman and only likes her traditional meals. So, as long as she has her meals she usually is happy – just no pushing her to eat healthily. It’s what we call “choose our battles”.

Well, like today, I’m never sure what kind of mood she will be in.  I’m always heading into the unknown when I go in to wake her up!! Today was a good day. We had a great start. So, when the opportunity came, I asked her if she’d like to join me for my workout. She looked at me and said “sure”. When I told her it would be on live video she said “ok”.

We have been trying to build her strength for her journey when we go back to Ontario. Every night my daughter walks my mom or gets her to use the bands. It’s quite comical actually but it’s great that she is trying her best and we applaud her. We love that woman dearly.

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