Tuesday Morning Run

Sunday was supposed to be my 24km run, well I couldn’t do it working 12 hr nights and my sleeping hasn’t been great so I had full intentions of doing it yesterday.  It’s funny how we plan certain things and other stuff gets in the way. Do you find that happens to you too?  Well when I got home yesterday morning I was so tired I thought I would sleep for a couple of hours then do my run. When I woke up the temp outside was crazy hot and I knew if I tried to go for my long run it would do more harm than good. So I made an executive decision to use yesterday as my rest day and today was going to be my long run.  I know it sounds like a lot of excuses, but I honestly wanted nothing more than to go for that run.

This morning I got up ready for my long run only to find out the forecast was set for rain most of the day. So with my gps tracker I put in the 24 km run to see how long they predict me to run and it stated 2 hours and 40 min. Well that was smack dab in the middle of the rain coming.  So I opted to do my 5km this morning and will do my long run tomorrow. I will get it done , I just have a few hurdles to go over.  Funny thing is that on our way back from our run it did start to rain. So I’m really glad I made that decision.

I always feel guilty for not following the training exactly , so when my husband phoned to ask if I got my exercises done or my run ? I told him I did my run but only 5k and he said ” Hey, 5k is better than no run at all !” So I thought that is true, tomorrow I would be doing my 5k , so I moved it up a day and now tomorrow I can do my long run.  Do any of you get that guilty feeling when you plan to do something but stuff gets in the way from you doing it the way you had planned.?

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