When The Cat Is Away …

One of the things I have had a hard time with is when my husband told me we needed to install a camera for mom’s room.  I felt at first like it was an invasion, but after the many falls and other mishaps with my mom, it has actually been a blessing. Only because when I’m on nights and Terry is away at least I know I can check in on her to make sure she’s ok. Mainly because if I try to phone her she doesn’t always answer lol.

Mom’s daily routine is usually that she takes her night time pills around 9 pm, heads to bed, and shortly after is fast asleep. Now there’s one thing about my mom that not a lot of you see. That if she doesn’t want to do something or wants to do something she’s stubborn enough she’ll make sure she either does or doesn’t.  Well usually that entails her walking and even though we try to encourage her to walk as much as she can, she generally gives us grief about it. Whether or not that’s to do with the dementia I’m not too sure.  Last night I got a phone call from my daughter to let me know how mom was getting ready for bed. Well she took her pills and went to bed – normal. Now most times we give her something small to snack on preferably her popcorn (it’s her favourite). Plus we worry about her choking too.

Everyday my daughter and myself have been diligent with her walking and she normally doesn’t get too far without her starting to complain about her pain. We don’t push it because we know one of her vertebrates are broken. The Doctor did say with the pressure from walking could cause some pain or discomfort. So, we never usually push the issue.  Well last night the bugger (yes I said it) apparently waited for everyone to go to bed, then snuck out of her room and went to the kitchen where she grabbed 2 chocolate popsicles, bag of popcorn, 2 bags of jelly beans!!  She walked back to her room got back into bed and started munching (note pics above) just like a little squirrel getting ready for winter.  Now this lady complains about pain when we get her to go to the kitchen to get herself her drink and she barely gets out there before she starts to complain of pain.  Here she is getting up with no trouble, getting into a box of popsicles and other goodies without any pain!

Well there goes the saying “when the cat’s away the mouse will play”. She truly had us fooled. Like I have told my husband and daughter, everyday is a new adventure with my mom.  If she wants something bad enough, she will do it;  without any effort or trouble. She is stubborn, that is for sure, so now today is Sunday which for her means Bath Day. Stay tuned… I’m sure I’ll have  plenty to tell you then lol. Have a great day!!

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