Saturday RUN

IMG_0743Waking up after my nightshift I knew I had to get my run in.  When I left work this morning it was pouring rain, I was actually so tired and bummed because I thought I wasn’t going to be able to run. But low and behold when I woke up it had cleared up.  The first thing I did was have a glass of water, and a cup of Cranberry Green Tea.  Then got dressed and ready to go. Before I was even able to get my runners on Sadie came running out of the bedroom and sat at the door. So I took her and my grand puppy Mook for a walk around the block ( as my warm up) and then hooked up LOLA and away we went.

I have been struggling with getting my time under 30 min for 5 km.  It has been a nagging push at me.  I always seem to start off a little slow but then by the last Km. I am able to book it and speed up enough.  Tomorrow is my long run 24 km and I’m supposed to do it a pace time.  Is it funny that I’m actually excited ? I mean really 24 km and I’m excited. Who would have ever thought  this used to be  250 lb middle age woman would be excited about a long run of 24 km.  I mean I was lucky if I could walk half a block and now I’m running 24 km?!  I have been blessed with a second chance in life, to live my life the fullest.  I have been able to do things I never thought possible.

Here I go , pushing myself and striding for my Bucket list. Do you have something on your bucket list that you never thought you could do ?   Look it up see what you need to do to achieve that , you might be surprised it might be more reachable then you think.  We only have one life and why not live it to the fullest!!

Well now I need to get ready for work , and get my meal prepping done !! Looking forward to my long run tomorrow. Have a wonderful Saturday Night !! Look forward to your comments. Let’s see what things are on our bucket list !!

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