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One of the best things I have discovered on my journey of Health and Weightloss is my love for Running. Never in a million years did I ever think I would hear myself say that. I was your typical couch potato.  Get home from work , make supper then sit on the couch eating chips , drinking soda and watching TV. Not that it was a bad thing , but it wasn’t good either. Never did any kind of physical activity , I remember once when I was in high school I joined a cross country team, it lasted once . That was as far as it got.

So when I was an adult having 2 children , I figured that was enough excercise chasing them around.  Boy was I wrong.  I started my journey of eating healthy and losing weight I swore I would never do any exercise. Funny how that turned out lol. My daughter brought up to me an app called “Couch to 5K” I thought hey why not give it a try. Well I tried it. Mostly because I wanted my daughters to be proud of me.   Well I started liking it so much so that I had a co worker ask if I’d sign up for a 10k , and boldly enough I said sure !! Couldn’t believe I said “yes” but I was a person of my word so I had to stick to it.  Well that’s when I actually figured out what the “IT band ” injury was. Boy did that hurt. But with proper exercise and taking care of it , I was able to have it heal in time for the race.

Thats when I got hooked.  Hook , line, and sinker , when I crossed that finish line the feeling was incredible , its so hard to describe. All those years of being overweight to be able to accomplish a 10k ?! I even got a tattoo to mark the occasion.  So the funniest part was that after we crossed the finish line, I saw out of the corner of my eye , other runners getting medals.  So I asked my friend why they were getting medals and she said “it’s for the 1/2 marathon and up”, so I said ” Well I want one!”  , she looked at me and said ” yes , me too”
That’s when  we signed up for our first 1/2 marathon.  That sounds so crazy when I’m typing this out , but I started that fall training for my 1/2 marathon. It was so hard, those long runs were brutal, and the tempo runs weren’t much better. But I had a goal and that was it.  I knew I had to do this , and every year they have this race around my birthday !!  So as far as I was concerned it was a sign.   I finished the 1/2 marathon in a time of 2h 12 min. Got my medal and felt awesome.

I had a year off due to my mom’s health and going back and forth so many times to the hospital. That there was no time to commit to the training I would need for another 1/2 let alone a 10k. But my heart sank when it was a whole year and no running.  Which lead me to this year. I turned 50 this year and there is one thing on my bucket list that has been on there since my healthy lifestyle journey. Which is to qualify for the BOSTON MARATHON!! Which seems so out of my league , here I am a 50 year old , menopausal , wife  looking after her mom with dementia and I want to train for a marathon. ?! CRAZINESS I tell you . But I looked it up what the qualifications would be for my age and believe it or not , we weren’t classified as Dinosaurs yet. !! So for my age 50 , I would have to run a full marathon in 4 hours.

I told my husband , I want to try for it . If I don’t try I’ll never know and it will always be bugging me in my gut to try. So here I am. My longest run so far has been 20 km.  Now as scary as that sounds , it really wasn’t that bad at all I got it done in 2 hours 7 min. It felt so good. That it was almost reachable to believe I might be able to make it to qualify!!

On my phone I have an app called “RUN ASICS” and it gives me a running plan to prepare for the marathon. I love it. It tells me what my pace time should be for each run I do and how many Miles/KM I should run. So today I had to run my 5 KM and I also had my Speed 35  to do. But when I woke up from my nightshift and I looked outside , the road was calling me and my desire to do it. I laced up , got my running partner which is our youngest pup  Lola and we both hit the trail ( sort of speak).  It felt good , except I was a little foggy / sluggish in the beginning which I always give myself heck for. Thinking I should be like a race horse and jump out of the gate with my guns blazing.

But there were no guns blazing this time around lol. But when I got to the last km, I decided I didn’t like the time I was running so I decided to push it , and push it hard see how hard and fast I could actually run. Man did it feel good. I finished the km with a great time. But my overall time was pretty good too. 6.22 was my pace, my heart was pumping my lungs were thumping and my legs were going!! BEST feeling in the world.

I keep saying to myself each run is one run closer to hitting BOSTON!!  Now I don’t know if I will qualify for next year , but I’m not going to lie around , I’ll keep trying until I do make it.   So today I have to run my 12 km run. After my sleep this morning I’ll wake up get dressed and off I go. I’ll let you know how I did after!!  Oh and this pic of me with a dog is my running partner Sadie. Sadly Sadie blew her knee so she can no longer run with me ,  her sister has very easily taken her place , but my heart belongs totally to this girl. She is my spirit animal , she has her imprint on my soul forever.   Now because running is her passion as well as mine and she helped me train for both the 10k & 1/2 marathon. She waits till I get back from my run , and then we do a cool down walk around the block. She loves every minute of it. !! She’s a happy puppy !!

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