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Are you ready to make some changes?

Every should love themselves and live a great life,  but that’s not as easy as it sounds.

In order to live a great life, filled with positivity and happiness, you have to be comfortable and happy from within! If you can be confident from deep within,  your confidence and happiness will shine out and project onto your relationships, life and career!


Join me on the quest to a healthy life. I have lost and kept off 110lbs. Support is a great way to reach your goals. Join me and my challenge groups to reach your goals. Show me how…


Want to get healthy AND earn money? Join me in coaching people towards your and their best selves. Learn more…


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What started “Cupcakes to Kale" 

For most of my adult life, age 20 and on, I have been overweight. After two children I didn’t lose the baby weight, I gained more. I was in denial, thinking I wasn’t more than 130 or 150. I hardly ever stepped on the scale.

SO how did I get to “Cupcakes To Kale”? Well, when we moved out to Saskatchewan I still was on medication, still 250lbs, but I knew I had to do something to change myself.

I noticed a good friend on Facebook and she was working out and laughing and smiling and I thought how can she be doing that and enjoying it? I asked her about her secret and it changed my life for the better in so many ways. I have lost over 110 lbs!

I actually found out I love myself.

I'm a natural nurturer and love helping others.

I’m excited that through my own hard work and consistency I can now show, teach and mentor others into their best selves.

Learn more about what I am doing, the things I love and recommend, and of course a a good slow cooker meal.

Are you needing some extra personal development in your life?

What books to read? Podcasts to listen to?
I thrive on PD and I want to share all my findings with you.