Week 7 LEG DAY!

This was a battle 🥊
Not because of the exercises but because I let my head get into it. Not in a good way, I started to talk myself out of it and then I reached out and got some support and encouragement to push through and push harder than I thought I could!

Working out 🏋️‍♀️ is more than just moving your body, it’s not about being perfect or the next body builder. It’s for our mind too, we tend to trick ourselves in so many ways to say we can’t run 🏃‍♀️ that extra mile or we can’t lift that extra 5 lbs or we can’t workout today!

But when you keep at it whether you want to or not you’ll start to shift.

You’ll start to think “ok if I don’t workout how will I feel after , how good do I feel when I finish ? Is that worth giving up ? Look at how far I have come? Do I want to stop 🛑 now? “

If you answer “NO” to any of those questions then you my friends have found the secret 😎sauce!

And it feels Dam good when you can finish and it’s even better when you were able to tell you mind to shut the hell up and just do it!

Thank you to all the friends that helped me push through today , I really needed that extra push and you delivered!

So I want to offer you a huge gratitude 🙏 , I have been blessed in so many ways and you show that to me every day!

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