My Birthday

My Birthday

One Of the Best Days of my life was my Birthday in so many ways. I know some people dread getting older and the fact that I turned 51 would probably scare some people. But I want to be perfectly honest with you. I love it! I love how I feel, I love how I am energized and I love that I have finally figured out what and who I am. Does that make sense?

I have struggled pretty much my whole life making sure that everyone is taken care of. My mom was a single mom for most of my young life. So because my sister and I are 7 years apart, I was always told to watch out for her, anything I did would reflect on her.  So I never did a lot of stuff that was fun just because I was always worried that if I did something wrong, I would lose my sister. (that was what my Father would always tell me)  How impressionable we are when were young.

I believe that most of my married life I am always trying to make sure my family are happy, and that they are looked after as well. So I never really thought much about myself. I love caring for people, I believe that is who I am. My husband says that I sometimes care too much lol. I let myself go, never really thought of myself and what my needs are.  Which is probably why I ended up gaining so much weight.  Never looked after myself. Which eventually ended up causing me to have a breakdown.

I never thought I would end up  where I am today!  My Journey has been incredible, to say the least. I look forward in fact I’m excited for every new day, every new month. When it’s that time of year for my birthday I cherish it and am so grateful for this second chance at life. I don’t take it for granted any more.

This Birthday I did what I love to do the most and I started off with going for a run with my girl Lola. She loves our runs as much as I do.  It was a good run, not too fast not too slow just right. 

Then I made my most favourite breakfast and the fact that it’s healthy and it fits right in with my New Program “2B Mindset” makes it extra special.  It’s my chocolate BB8 pancakes with strawberries and greek vanilla yogurt. Doesn’t that sound awesome. Well If I could share I would. 

We took my mom out for lunch at our favourite restaurant I had fish and chips of course(my cheat meal ) and then we finished off with going to see a movie I was extatic to see and it actually came out on my birthday was extra special.  It was the New Han Solo movie and I couldn’t think of a better way to end my day. Except for the hundred of best wishes from all my friends. I mean literally hundreds.

I could not get over how many, I was so touched and overwhelmed with love and gratitude that so many people reached out to me to wish me a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” how could I not feel loved and special! So yes turning 51 has been incredible and I look forward to every day!!

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