Monday was a big day for me, and I’m making this post a couple of days late. Mostly because I’m human and I have had a lot of rearranging to do. But I need your help, and by help I mean I need to have you keep me accountable for my 80 DAY OBSESSION program. This program will be my Transformation, I have lost a lot of weight as you can tell by previous pics. But this is where I get stuck.  Do any of you feel the same? You going really good, your excited and you start to see results so that keeps your fire burning.  But then after all that hard work and your clothes are fitting really nice, in fact your able to go down some sizes and feel great. That should be all you need to keep you going right? WRONG!! In fact it’s worse, because you’ve lost so much weight, everyone notices and compliments you on all your hard work, so you start to relax. You feel I got this in the bag!  Then you go out for dinner and instead of eating the most healthiest you treat yourself( Not that that’s a bad thing) but when you start saying to yourself. ” It’s ok, I’ll work extra hard on my workout tomorrow”

Here’s where the tough love comes in, ” You can’t outrun, out work, a bad diet” No matter how hard you try lol. That’s what I learned the last 3 months , I took my eye off the ball sort of speak! So here comes the reality, I kept my workouts, I just didn’t have my nutrition on point. When my pants started fitting tighter, and then my winter coat was snug. That was the eye opener for me.  Remember I was still working out! But then I was lost, I wasn’t sure what I was going to have to do to get that spark, fuel, back so I can start to feel good again, and have energy. Not just stuffing my face for no reason( aka a whole bag of licorise)

That’s when this beautiful program came into my life! I know your thinking it’s like all the other ones I’ve done right? WRONG again lol. This program is a different workout for 80 days, as well the thing I need the most help with is “TIMED NUTRITION”  so your probably wondering what that is? Well according to your weight and height they let you know what your calorie intake should be, which then turns into how many containers you will use in one day!.  Different times of the day is for different containers. A lot of people have been really nervous and anxious about this part. Mostly because it’s out of our comfort zone! But as I’m typing this blog post I can honestly tell you “WOOHOO !” I’m on the third day (officially) but I started this nutrition 2 days before that.

First off I want to squash all the ideas of the fact that you have to starve yourself to be on a plan. It’s actually the total opposite. I’m eating every 2-3 hours. and they’re not all huge meals but there are 3 main ones, then mini meals throughout. I have never felt better, no cravings, no mindless searching for crap food. No feeling of embarrassment or shame. Only energy, feeling good and most importantly found my spark, so my fire is well lit.

That’s where you come in!.  I will be posting the good , the bad , the ugly everyday I will be showing you pics of my before during and after. I will not lie, I will not Cheat! But If I know you are there to hold me accountable, there’s no way I will give up! Then You’ll be able to see me on stage in July for the big Transformation! But mostly because, I did the first year all alone, and it sucked. It was so much harder than it needed to be, then I found my coach and what a difference! Having that accountability really helps you say ‘NO” to those chips, pop, chocolate etc. That’s why I’m expanding my accountability, to YOU! If I tell you all and show you all, then I can’t cheat or else you’ll see it.  Then I’ll be a hypocrite. I do NOT want to be that! Who would? So here we go! These are my before pics.  Plus my first workout of Day 01! Don’t worry I’ll also be posting my food too!


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