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This is one program that I have been so excited to try. Almost as much as bad as when I first started this journey! Have to admit after Day 1 and trying to use those bands I think that was a workout enough. Boy am I not coordinated at all! I was struggling with them so much I had to keep pausing on the video just to get my feet through. I felt like I was in Highschool all over again, when my high school teacher was teaching Gymnastics. Which I royally suck at by the way. She was getting everyone to do a handstand. Which I could not do for the life of me. So if you can imagine, I’m in Grade 9 in a class full of other girls and they’re all doing their Hand stands like it’s nothing. In fact, my teacher had a pet and she had her come to the front of the gym to demonstrate how to do the perfect Hand Stand!  I never felt the sweat and panic rush through me as I did that day.  Well, my body did not disappoint, every attempt to do a Handstand was a complete and utter failure, so much so that my Teacher noticed. So not that my sweating and panicking couldn’t get any worse, oh Yes, my friends, it did.  She had the Class stop doing the exercise and went on bringing me to the front of the class( my heart was literally leaping out of my chest) and she had the PET show me again how to do a handstand. So it was my turn, yes this was Not a Fairytale I’m pretty sure my Fairy God Mother was hiding in the corner of the Gym somewhere.  So I tried and failed, tried and failed, tried and failed. By about the 10th time( I know your thinking how could I remember how many times right?) Well trust me when you have a traumatic teenage experience you remember every detail.

It was Traumatic to me anyways. The teacher finally gave up on me and had me go sit down. She never did try to teach me how to properly do a handstand. Just dismissed me and my pile of sweat and fear.

I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love doing my own thing and my own time in my own house. The only judges I have are my pets. And you know what I love it. I actually started laughing trying to put on these bands. I felt even better when “Autumn Calabrese” even brought up how hard it is to work with them for the first time. As well they have been doing it for 80 days, so don’t panic or worry, You get better as you get going!  I just love her. She knows exactly when I need to hear that I’m ok, it’s not me, just keep doing the best you can! There is no Perfect!  Today I’ll be doing DAY 3 & 4 , and I can’t wait it will be challenging because I guess I’ll be using these things called “sliders” and already I can hear disaster coming!! But I don’t care, I love doing it and it’s fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Don’t ever be afraid to try something NEW it took me a very long time to finally realize what I have been missing. Who knows maybe if my High School teacher took the time to work with me I might have loved Gymnastics and done really well. But that is the past not my future!



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