Game Day


How many of you are football fans?! Well this is one sport that actually is the reason hubby and myself connected. He played football and I love football. No, I was not a cheerleader, but I did try doing a cheerleader move one time for hubby in a private session but I’m not going any further with that lol. Let’s just say I was never meant to be a cheerleader. We have always loved football, but in the beginning, we never quite got into CFL. We’ve been to some NFL games and I am a true 49’ers fan, but never really followed until we came out west.  BOY oh BOY what a transformation. I have never seen such devoted fans in my life! You couldn’t help but get caught up and it’s a sport we both love! How awesome is that? Yesterday we had tickets for the last game before the playoffs, and with being in Canada and in the West we were hit with a snowstorm.  Are we dedicated enough? Yes, we kept checking the highway and the weather and it was not getting any better. The difference is that we would have normally gone anyway and braced the weather, if it was worse we would have stayed overnight at a hotel. But the difference is that it’s not just about us anymore. We have to consider my mom.

How would we be able to stay overnight and leave her all alone overnight? We did have an awesome friend that was going to make sure she had supper and tucked her in, but then she would be all alone. In a way, it was a blessing that the weather was so bad, we opted not to go and for a good reason. Mid-afternoon, I looked over at mom and she was shaking and went “white” then started throwing up. I went and got her a bowl and then called hubby, we took her blood pressure and it was not bad. a little raised but probably more because of the throwing up.  So I got her on the couch and feet up a cold cloth and then some gravol and ginger ale.  She slowly started to feel a little better, wanted to go to bed but I said  I wasn’t comfortable doing that in case she had another spell! She agreed and I made her some toast with honey. She ate that then, slept for a bit. Later on, she started to feel a bit better and then was hungry around 7-8 pm.  So I made her a cheese sandwich. I later went down and thanked hubby and he said that it was a good thing we didn’t go.

So as sad as we were not being able to go, out $120 bucks, I was really relieved that we were home when this happened. Who knows we might be able to make it to a playoff game anyway!! MORE SNOW !!


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