Another Door Opened


I’m not sure if you are into this or not but I went to a Psychic when I was in London, she told me things that I actually wasn’t sure was going to happen. Well, I have to say if all you Nay Sayers out there, this lady was spot on.  She told me that she saw me doing a different career within 5 months of my leaving London to head home. She also said she saw me having one door open and another close but lots of doors.  Well, I quit my job and  I have been making progress with my Dreams.  What progress? Well, I just had an interview with Walmart as a night shift shelf stalker ( I’m sure that’s not the name) but your probably wondering how that job will help my dreams.

That’s where this book comes in. I am a true believer of Personal development, never have before but I am so now.  This book was one that I read on our drive back to Ontario. Let me tell you, I love Jen Sincero. I thought Badass was good. Well, this one is even better.  I would really love to meet her one of these days.  But that’s another blog post lol. I listened to this book and I heard her talking about a lot of good things but one that stuck to me was this. ” if you love the beach and want to live by the ocean, then you do what you can to achieve that.”  So she did do that, she dreamed about living on a coastline and hearing the waves crashing etc. But she had no money.  What she describes is this, If you have a big dream that you want more than anything else, you have to envision it. You have to feel it, believe in it. If that means you move to a garage appt. instead of the place, you were in before so you can look out that window and see the ocean even if your miles away from it, You have that vision and that drive to keep doing what you have to do to achieve that goal or Dream!  So she did just that. She moved into a garage literally that was expensive but it meant every morning she could look out the garage door window and actually see that ocean. Until she made enough money to buy a house on the coastline.  So how does this pertain to me? Well, I will be working at Walmart 8 hour night shift so I can focus on my coaching and my private homecare business. It’s 8 hours of stress-free, go in stock shelves and leave. Get a baseline of money to keep us afloat and I can focus on my true goals, helping people reach their dreams and goals.  I couldn’t do that with my other job.  I was so stressed to the max, getting migraines again, hated going into work. Now I just go in and the fact that it’s only 8 hr shifts and I also get a discount card for 10% off after 3 months. When my Homecare really starts to take off, I’ll give that up, but until then, it keeps the bills paid, I have more time to spend on my dreams and spend more time with mom too.  It’s definitely a book worth reading, it changed my life. So yes there are a lot of other tidbits of info I strongly encourage you to read this book. I but you’ll come out of there a whole new person.  Go get this book and then message me or text what you have read or listened. I bet you’ll see things differently.  Have a great day !!

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