Your A Badass


When I decided to become a Coach, it’s hard to describe the feeling. The first feeling I had was excitement! To actually be able to share with my friends old and new exactly something that I have learned by experience and hardships and came out feeling like a $1000 bucks!  But my other feeling was that I felt overwhelmed and worried. Like ” what if I fail?” , ” what if I’m not a good enough?”  Do I really know what I’m talking about?

So I reached out to my Personally Sponsored Coach and told her my fears. She explained to me about the 4 Vital Behaviours, I was like what? ( what the hell are Vital Behaviours?)  Maybe I did bite off more than I can chew.  All I know is that I love to workout and inspire people, who are doing the same thing.  But then she explained one of the behaviours ” Personal Development” so then my second thought was ” I’m too old to learn stuff like Personal Development!” But then I thought to myself.  Nope, what harm could it do? So I pick up a book and if worse comes to worse I can write it off as a business expense right?  So I asked her what would be a good book for me to read for my first “PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT” book?  So she suggested the books that helped her.  This was the first book that I grabbed, I had my doubts ( believe me) but the best thing happened. This author was talking directly to me!  She knew my fears and doubts! She also knew what had been hidden for so many years just waiting to shine and come out.  I was hooked!

I was just about done the book when my biggest fear happened. I was flying back to Ontario to help my daughter pack and move to her new place and I was at the airport grabbing a water and when I went to pay for it, I left the book behind.  I didn’t realize that until I boarded the plane and went to grab it out of my bag and it wasn’t there.  I looked in every bag I had with me and it was definitely gone. So now what do I do?  I was almost finished. I did the next best thing, I got it as an audiobook. YEP! I was able to finish the book, best yet I have listened to it more than once especially when I’m feeling those fears and self-doubt.  she lets me know that I’m capable of achieving anything I want.  I’M A BADASS!!  If you’re wanting a good read to let you know your fears are there, but they don’t have to control you, you are capable of anything you want! YOU’RE A BADASS!! Then this is your book.  I encourage you to read it, I know it’ll change your life like it did mine.  ENJOY MY FRIENDS!


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