Meal Planning!


There’s a saying that goes” By Failing to Prepare, You’re Preparing to Fail”  I never quite understood that until I started this journey of weight loss and eating a cleaner and healthier diet. I hate saying “DIET” because that’s not what is it. But anything outside of not eating whatever you want whenever you want means “DIET” to mostly everyone.  I used to feel that way and live that way which was why I weighed a whopping 250 lbs!  Go figure. lol.  I used to always write out a list of groceries before we would go to the store forget it on the table, guess what I thought we would like for suppers next week and half the time end up doing take out especially when Thursday or Friday came around.  Does that sound familiar?  No wonder I gained so much, I was more concerned about desserts and my pop and snacks for after supper.

Well rest assured that is not the case anymore, I have seen the light my friends and preparing is definitely the way to go!! No room for Failure as far as nutrition is concerned. Which is a blessing at how easy it has become the more I do this. My breakfast is pretty much all ways the same. Eggs & spinach 3x a week, Steel cut oats or yoghurt and fruit the other days. My lunches are either leftovers or a salad or my Mexican dishes that I love so much. So filling out my meal plan and menu mostly works around Suppers ( dinners) That’s where I like to get creative. I go on my laptop, check out my meal plan for the program I’m following and see if there are any new recipes that I like. Thankfully I just had a Crockpot challenge and there were some really good recipes there. So I fill out the grocery list and the menu and BAM!! Done!.  The best part about all of this is that it saves money! yep, you heard me, It actually saves money, because I’m not strolling down Isles that I don’t need to go to and end up putting stuff in my cart that I don’t need.  My husband actually said today” how impressed he was that I’ve been staying in the budget” WIN WIN !!

So as much as it seems tedious and time-consuming when your first starting out  with meal planning and meal prepping, I want to think about this, anytime you start something new like a New job, a New hobby,  a New home do you pick it up right away and know it in minutes or does it take a little time to learn it and then perfect it to how you like it? Nothing is gained by fast, everything, if it’s done right, takes time. Then the next thing you know it takes no time at all and it actually saves time. How? because you don’t have to come home from work and try and figure out what you’re going to have to make for supper. It’s already there and ready to go. Doesn’t that sound so much better and a WIN in every dept. If you want to learn about meal planning and meal prepping I would love nothing more than to show you and guide you on how I am able to feed one fussy old lady, and a husband who believes in quantity, not quality lol.  In fact, I welcome the challenge.


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