Body Beast Day 6 & 7

Ok so, first of all, I don’t only have one shirt lol. It just so happened that I’m wearing the same shirt on both days. Not sure how that happened, probably because I’m in a “Miracle Morning Facebook Group” which means we’re trying to break the habit of hitting snooze and just get up and start your day productively. Not always feeling like your behind the 8 ball. It is working, a couple of times I actually woke up before my alarm. Which was a surprise to me.  But that’s another topic lol.

Day 6 was all about the Back and Biceps. Never really thought much about my back before Biceps yes probably because they’re easy to see. But the back not so much. It was a challenging workout. Doing pull-ups in a tempo manner is tough. I kept counting “1,2,3 to 6” as I’m lifting the weight and then the same count going down, for 15 reps. Then you go to 12 reps but you increase the weight. Finally, you go to  8 reps with your heaviest that you can handle.  SO it was a definite challenge, but I wanted to give it my all. Doing it halfway is not going to get me the results I need or want. Just like your job or anything else for that matter. It was a long workout, 53 min, but I’m finding that the time isn’t as bad as I thought It was going to be. In the start of this program, I would look at the time and think OMG there’s no way I can do this for an hour! But now I’m like holy S*** it’s done already?  That’s when you know you’re having fun!!

Day 7 is my favourite Day “LEG DAY” I’m not sure why? Because I hate lunges, I really dislike Bulgarian Split squat.  But for some reason, I get more excited when it comes to leg day, maybe because that includes my “Booty” and who doesn’t like to see progress in that department?!  I mentioned two exercises I could care less about, but they are a necessity that’s for sure, I think it’s mostly because I have discovered that I don’t have a lot of balance. Whenever I have to stand on one leg I’m all over the place. I know I’m getting better but it still gives me a hard time. But I don’t give up, I keep trying and I know that one of these days I’ll definitely get it and crush it. It just takes time. Besides, it’s better than not trying and never knowing if I can do it right?

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