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image15I know a lot of us that have parents in the senior years, struggle with a lot of things. One of those biggest struggles is the ever Cursed REMOTE. How many times do you get a call from your parent saying “There’s Something wrong with TV!” So off you go to their house to fix the remote lol. Am I right?!  With all the times Mom was in the hospital in the last two years, hubby and I decided to cancel the Cable Television. Mostly for the fact that except for when Football is on Hubby and me don’t really watch cable. We just have NETFLIX.  Well, let me tell you it’s been a challenge, especially in the beginning. If I do recall she even managed to order a movie on Itunes! Of course, it wasn’t even a good one lol.  So she has slowly learned how to use the Apple Tv remote, she still get’s it screwed up but not as bad as she used too. So that’s a good thing, Right?

Wrong, when hubby and I are out at work and she’s home all alone for the day, she manages to get herself into some pretty sticky situation. She ended up phoning me to tell me that the TV was black. So I spent my lunch hour on the phone with her trying to tell her to press the “left button” then the ” big button” So my poor mom had to sit in the living room with NO TV for four hours.  I felt so bad for her, but then I found out she was apparently not even watching Netflix when it quit.

Are you ready for this? She found the APPLE Event, which was 2 hours of Apple’s New products. I don’t think Hubby believed her until she started talking about what they were talking about, the watch, the phone and then she said they talked about the radio and the TV. SO my husband said” there is no radio” mom said ” oh yes! they talked about it” Then she preceded to say it was 2 or 3 hours of your “Apple stuff, Terry”  There were lots of interesting facts and new stuff.  My favourite part was when she proceeded to tell “TERRY ” that the one guy has the worst eyebrows !! I howled. Terry then told mom, that the kind of Money this guy makes he doesn’t have to worry about his eyebrows. Mom said well ” that’s no excuse, they’re horrible, about as bad as TRUMP’S hair!!  I honestly don’t think I have laughed so hard. It was a good end to the evening, considering we were supposed to go to the movies and that was a bust. So mom got her Ice Cap and we headed home, only to find out about her APPLE experience! Never a dull moment with my mom. I’d love to hear your stories about your REMOTE with your parents.? I’m sure we have a lot to share. IMG_9270

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