Infused Water

5 Day Hydrate ChallengeOne of the biggest challenges I find with myself and my challengers is drinking enough water. Some days are better than others, but this is coming from a girl who used to drink 5-6 cans of pop(soda) a day. To drinking only water! How did I do that? I get asked that all the time. Well, my friends, this is one of the best ways I conquered that awful sugar craving. Yes, even drinking diet soda is worse than regular. Now I’m not saying go out and drink regular soda, what I’m saying is that aspartame is actually a very big contributor to craving more sugar. There are lots of studies that have proven that aspartame is more harmful than good. But I’m not going to go on about the Bad and Ugly truth about Aspartame. I’m here to tell you some very effective ways that helped me kick the habit!

One of those was drinking infused water, I hated water, I detested it, but it’s a very important part of losing weight and staying hydrated.  In my challenge group this week we are doing a 5-day water challenge and Today is Day 1, the above picture is the recipe for the first day of this challenge. It’s unbelievable how different water tastes when you add fruit and herbs. So go ahead give it a try, I bet you won’t believe the difference?! Anything to drink more water is a great way to start. Infused water has been so popular that I knew my challengers would love the challenge.  Maybe some of you already do Infused Water? If you do I would love your recipes, I’m always looking for new ones.  Let me know what you think of this combination. It’s mouthwatering that’s for sure.

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