Happy Thanksgiving!



I posted this picture because of this little beagle and his Friend Woodstock, they mean a whole lot to me so much so that I got a tattoo of Snoopy on my leg. Why? well, it’s because they were my uncle’s favourite Character’s, and I mean favourite. Everywhere we went it was SNOOPY.  He was a big part of my life, especially when I was younger. I can remember so many times he would come over and visit with my sister and I and take us out to restaurants. At the time I loved Garfield, it was Garfield everything. I had posters, a stuffy you name it. SO if he came by I would find Garfield stuck in the freezer etc.  There was also a time when I got the Chickenpox. I was in Grade 9 and I was so embarrassed at the time. I didn’t leave the house, I mean let’s face it what 13 year old with chicken pox would have left the house?  So this one sunny afternoon, I was sitting at home desperately trying not to scratch, which is pretty much next to impossible. My Uncle Harry came to visit. Now at that time, my Uncle had an amazing car ( or so I thought) it was a TR-6 and it was brown with wood grain interior and the best part it was a convertible! Well, he stopped by and I was embarrassed so I hid in my room. When he saw me and saw how depressed I was, he told me to get in the car. I didn’t want to, but I knew I had to do something I was going crazy. So I told him I’m NOT going anywhere that requires me to talk to people. He said not to worry he has a plan. So I got in and we drove and drove with the top down. I have never felt more free and happy in my whole teenage life. He drove us to our beach Port Stanley, and it felt great I actually didn’t care what I did or how I looked.  It was so amazing, I felt awesome all thanks to my uncle Harry. He was a people person always had time for friends and especially family. He was a firm believer of family sticking together and always being there for everyone. No matter what.

I miss him, I know my mom misses him terribly. She says “good night ” to him every night. He was after all her younger brother. They were very close. She didn’t approve of his drinking, but he wasn’t an angry drunk, in fact quite the opposite.  But she loved him anyway.  He loved coming to our house for all special occasions, and especially chatting with the girls, hanging out with us etc. Our holidays haven’t  been quite the same ever since. So I cherish every moment we had then and I cherish every moment we have today. Do you have a family relative that isn’t with us that you cherish and wish they were? These kinds of days ( special occasions) can be really tough when you lose a family member. But when you look at it a different way, it’s still a good day to be alive!! Don’t you agree? IF there is anything this post will do to help, you in this time of year is that you’re not alone.  Cherish all those special moments you have with your family good or bad. Hug, kiss and heck do the dishes together !! I would love to hear about a special relative that you hold dear to your heart! Let’s talk and share our memories. happy-thanksgiving-snoopy1

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