Thanksgiving Weekend


This weekend was always a very big deal to me. It was a time for getting together with family and enjoy good food and lots of laughs. It’s a time that hubby and I would work together to make sure everyone’s tummy’s  were full and had lots of food. Probably too much food lol. But gosh it was good times. I know you’re wondering why I’m making it sound like past tense. Well, this weekend it’s a very quiet Thanksgiving it’s only Terry, Mom and me. Most of my family are in Ontario or out West in BC.  This is a bittersweet time for me.  I find it hard, very hard. My family is in one province and we’re in a different one.

I’m grateful don’t get me wrong, my girls are good, mom is good ( which is a huge blessing) I will never take for granted. I am living my dream and I know there is so much out there for me to still reach and achieve. But there is still my heart that wishes we could still have the old Thanksgiving.  I miss the laughs, the hugs, the jokes, the throwing of buns down the hall. And the best part was this TACKY and Very Low-grade movie “THANKSKILLING” it was as low budget as it gets, but boy did we have some laughs.  Hopefully next fall, we can enjoy Thanksgiving as a whole family.

Do you have fond memories of your Thanksgiving?  How many crazy stories have you got? I think there are plenty of reasons to be thankful, especially when it comes to family and friends, don’t you agree? So give those beautiful people in your life a big hug and make the best memories you can. Just don’t eat too much turkey & Pumpkin Pie. ec468a28c2b38d9e7872fcc506b4abd2

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