IMG_1953.JPGYesterday was filled with a lot of emotion, mostly because I can almost see my dream coming true. I was approached by two friends who are in the Nursing business ask me how my business was going? So I told them, it’s just starting out we haven’t gotten any clients yet.  Well, Tonight might be the change of everything and I’m so excited because I know my heart is where it needs to be! Helping others in need ( not that where I am now, isn’t in need ) but when you have upper management dictating what you can and cannot do, instead of doing the right things. Makes it really hard to have the love in it. So I chatted with a possible new client and I’m very excited.  If all goes well with our meeting it means I can finally do one of the most important things I’ve always wanted to do.  Tomorrow is going to be so tough, waiting, but I know patience is what I need. I can feel in my gut, heart this is the door that is opening for me and I love every minute of it. It’s the first time I have actually been excited about my career as a caregiver.

Now I can really focus on my other true passionate love and that’s Coaching!! I again have had a lot more people approaching me about that too. Can this really be happening? Sometimes I get really scared that someone’s going to pull the rug from under my feet, and say ” haha just joking” But it really is how much effort you put into how much you receive! So Here is to New adventure, new friendships, New Passion and New LOVE !! I Love Coaci-2.png

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    1. Thanks so much I really apreciate your support and yes I am doing what I love and my heart is filled with passion!! please feel free to check in I’d love your input

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