19702268_10155532309189853_6030260791162275710_nMy mom has been suffering with Chronic pain for so long. She was having times when she could barely sit up in a chair for much longer than 1/2 hour without her pain getting worse.  I am so thankful that our amazing Dr. suggested to mom about a Pain Infusion. One of the downsides about growing old is pain. Your body just isn’t as good as it used to be when you were younger. Parts start to breakdown, and unfortunately there is no warranty. lol.

Your probably wondering what a pain infusion is? Well its an IV of medication that helps decrease the pain for 3 months.  This pic is Mom getting her first infusion, but recently she hasnt been herself, very quiet and in alot of pain. She can barely sit in her chair for an hour before her pain gets really bad. So I have to take mom to do bloodwork, and urine just as a regular check up, but I also have to see about getting mom a refural for her infusion today as well.  She can barely sit in her chair for much longer than an hour. Poor thing, so hopefully they can get her in soon. And yes I will have to get her an Ice Cap too.  Too bad Ice caps can’t be the cure all hey? I will definitely keep you guys posted. I keep telling her that my friends love her and look forward to seeing her, now I just have to remind her about her NON FILTER that seems to have grown more and more. blog-2-pic

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