Bath Day

IMG_8138I have been on Nights this weekend so unfortunately for my sake Mom didn’t get her bath until today. I have to say today was a good day! She was so good and she even let me wash her hair without a struggle or fight. I was so happy that I wanted to do something to make her happy, mainly because I know how hard it is for her to have her bath and she doesn’t like it at all. In fact, she told me numerous times how much she hates it, so for her to go in without a struggle was awesome. I was so proud of her, I told her I wanted to give her a sticker and she laughed so I said how about Stuffed Spareribs? Well her face lit up like a kid in a toy store. So that was well worth it.
I am concerned she has been complaining a lot of a sore bum. So she has been finding after sitting for about a 1/2 hour to an hour it’s really sore. Well before she got in the tub I thought I better check and sure enough, she has a sore.  Now the sad part is we were just at the dr.’s yesterday and I didn’t even think to have the Dr. check it out.

Rest assured I will be on top of it, I put some cream on it and she’s resting on her side to give it a break, but if it doesn’t get any better we’ll be going back for sure.  Just when we conquer one battle we get another. Her walking hasn’t been that great either so I’m hoping that’s just from the pain.  The Dr. is going to book for her pain infusion and hopefully, that will help too.

IMG_8948  But I definitely have to give Mom 5 gold stars today for her bath. Maybe I’ll treat her to some peanut butter cookies!!

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  1. Bless her heart! I know it’s not easy dealing with constant pain. Sending her prayers and love!
    On the lighter side of things, You really should write a cook book for all your recipes! I know I would buy it as I’m sure would others!

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