Monday Morning Affirmation


One of the things I love the most about myself is that I am learning and discovering new things everyday that I never thought I would ever be doing! I never used to actually read personal developement books. I used to only read magazines or fiction. Nothing about building my confidence or how to live my happiest I ever can. NOW I am, now I am discovering things about myself I never knew existed.

We all have habits, good , bad and possibly the ugly lol.  So why lead a life with bad habits when you can discover good habits to improve your life for the better. If those bad habits will get you the happiness you want and deserve then that’s it. But I’m pretty sure there’s a reason it’s called “BAD” Habit means it’s not giving you the happiness you want or desire. So how do you change those bad habits into good habits? It’s very simple, I start with Affirmations. Every morning after my glass of water. I read my affirmations, I listen to my Motivational speaches, to help change my mindset to the best it can be. I even share my affirmations with my challengers becasue I now strongly believe success happens when your mindset is Positive not Negative. Being a coach/ leader is about giving everything you know and learn to your challengers to help them evolve into greatness too. Paying it forward, an awesome habit!

Today is a New Day , New Month so why not make it a New you!! If you’d like me to encourage you and send you afirmations to help you make your life your happiest send me an email. One of my newest habits is to share what I have learned and that my friends is Affirmations.  The affirmation I have posted above is so true and so perfect for Today !! Enjoy your day and pay it forward, make someone’s day today , give them a compliment make them smile. It will change your world, like it did mine!


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