Body Beast

IMG_1834Sunday  was the official start of Body Beast. Even though I started yesterday, today was the official Day 1- Arms, Tri, Chest. My goodness it did not fail in pushing me harder than I thought I could. But I have to tell you I loved every minute of it, even with my husband grumping about Sagi in the background. He’s starting to remind me of the two old men in the balcony of the muppets. Do you remember those fellows? Well I’m married to one now, not quite sure which one it would be, but he’s definitley one of them for sure.

Anyway, I had done a few moves that I’ve never done before and I was quite suprised how hard some of them were, I really shouldn’t be surprised beings who is the trainer but still it was difficult at one point I had to drop down a weight, it was too much yet. Hopefully by the end of this program I’ll be able to carry through with the heavier weight.  I love the diversity of each program and how much they stress that if you can’t do their level it’s ok, drop down a weight, it’s ok, just as long as your able to finish it that’s what counts. Doing the best you can at your level, I love the saying ” Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 15″ this is so true because we as humans are terrrible for playing the comparison game arent we?  Even when I’m watching the workout on TV and Sagi asks how much weight theyre using in the next set? I used to compare but now I know that they used to be using the weights I use but have been able to reach for a heavier weight do to consistency and motivation. I’ll get there too. I know it!

Now as far as nutrition goes, I find it very difficult to keep track of my nutrition on Nightshift. Going from nights to days. What I can and cannot eat. But I tried to stick to the plan as best as possible. Do you find that troublesome too. ? But this week coming up I’ll be able to really focus and zone in on my nutrition. You can’t do one without the other, trust me I used to think that but now I know it’s no point.  They work as a team. If one isn’t playing the other one is bound to suffer.  Thank goodness for meal plan that’s all I have to say! So I’m asking for help to stay accountable. Comment below or PM me to help me stay on track, and away from my mom’s treaty drawer!!

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