Day 1 of Body Beast


Last week was a gong show, which I know I had posted about it. Everything was messed up and crazy, including my nutrition and fitness. With the Internet not working great and everything else going wrong, I certainly failed in the healthy eating, and excercise routine I normally follow.  A lot of people are afraid to try new things or chase their dreams because they’re afraid that they’ll fail. Well I FAILED !! big time so much so that I gained quite a bit, I know what your saying. Your saying that I’m tiny or thin and there’s nothing wrong with my size. So here is where my experience kicks in. I for one was a size 2 all through highschool. My diet was horrible I would eat whatever I want and whenever I wanted and had no repercusions. I was 80 lbs until I reached that beautiful age of 20 and all those bad habits had caught up to me, and started to show.  I started gaining, then had a baby , then really ate horrible, then had another baby. Sounds like every wife’s or Mother’s story right?

Well the difference is that I went to 250 lbs. That was my highest (in weight) and my lowest(emotionally). When I decided to make that life altering change and made this journey I have discovered that I now know what my weaknesses are. I’m not talking about going to the movie theater and having popcorn with Butter( that’s my mom’s favourite) I’m talking about when stuff happens, and it turns your world upside down. Like a family member goes to the hospital or you go on vacation. Nothing is routine and then those little habits that you thought were gone, start to resurface. That’s what happened to me and I ended up gaining 10 lbs. I know that doesnt sound like a lot, and it really isn’t but what scares me is how easy that habit came to light. That is the awful part, the feeling when I cant get my pants up that I used you. You don’t need me to remind you, I’m sure you totally understand.
So with my coaching other Ladies in my challenge group I felt like a hippocryt. I knew I had to do something to change and get my head focused like it was a year and a bit ago.

I tried a new program, and man o man was it tough, but good. It felt awesome to get back to what I love, taking care of myself, which I had neglected all those years. I was too busy looking after my family ( kids & husband) I always put myself on the back burner.  When I started taking care of myself I actually started liking myself and in fact I have fallen in love with myself and what kind of a person I have become. Who would have thought a simple meal plan and excercise could do that lol. Now I love to take on New Challenges and New plans. This one was definitely a New one. I was intimidated for sure just the sound of it “BODY BEAST” sounds like something you’d see at Gold’s Gym where all the heavy Weight Lifters go. Not a 50 year old wife, mother. But I want to tell you, when I finished the leg workout I actually did feel like a Beast like I could conquer anything, it felt dam good. It lifted my spirits and it definitley told me I’m in this for the long haul.  Try it out! Let me know what you think. I bet you’ll like it just like me.!

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