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Fit fall fun-3What’s your favourite season? Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter?  I have to say Fall is my favourite season, for so many reasons.  A lot of people love the colours of the leaves changing, I for one love the smells, the fresh crisp air, which is perfect running weather. Fall also means that Thanksgiving is around the corner, I don’t know what I love more the Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, turnip. Then there’s dessert Pumpkin pie, apple pie. What’s not to love, the only difference is that we tend to overindulge. then we feel like crap right?

Well, this is my favourite VIP challenge group! Why? because this is when you feel your best after eating comfort food and the weather is a little iffy lol, a lot of times we don’t get outside. So now we get to workout for only 30 min. in the comforts of our own home, first of all then we get to eat amazing healthy food. Did I mention you can have chocolate too?! The accountability group is the best way, I have been struggling with overweight for years, and I swear this is the first and only group I will ever do again. I have managed to stay the same weight for over 2 years. I have treats every now and then, but do you want to know the best part? Is the accountability, when I feel like giving up I have the best group of ladies that help me stay focused on what my goals are. If they have a day when they’re not feeling like eating healthy or working out, I do the same back. We help each other, we’re a tribe of women with similar interests and wants. We all have a goal and that’s to live the happiest, healthiest life we can. So we can be there for our families and be having the best life possible. I know it seems unlikely, or a gimmick, but I’m here to tell you it’s so possible.  it is reachable, it’s not impossible. If that interests you comment below or message me I’d love to chat with and find out what areas you’re trying to work on. Have been struggling with. We all have them. So why not do it with people that understand and get it. fullsizeoutput_615b

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