Charcoal Facial


Yesterday I had some time to pamper myself and pamper I did. I never used to do any of this stuff, never done a facial,  manicure, pedicure, hardly ever wore makeup( I think I probably had maybe $20 worth of makeup), which consisted of foundation, blush, mascara, some eyeshadow. I would only wash my face with water,  But my daughter had slowly introduced me to some really nice stuff, and I realized how much I was missing. Not that I go all out, no not at all, but I am getting better.

My daughter waxed my eyebrows and now I have learned to do it myself. See even an old dog can learn new tricks. I have also learned how to add this wax and powder to my eyebrows to make them more noticeable but not in a scary way.  So that leads me to my good friend(coach) Jody. She has started her own product line of charcoal products, 2 of them I have used one is the “Black Velvet” tooth powder and the second one is “The Darkest One” which is a peel-off facial mask. The first time we(my daughter and I) tried it we totally bombed, didn’t put enough on. So it was horrible to try and peel off.  So this time around I tried it again and I added a lot more and it was certainly a lot easier and nicer to get off. I cannot get over how amazingly smooth and soft my face feels after I use it. I am so glad Jody started her line, I never would have tried it otherwise lol.

So now my weekly ritual is this, wax eyebrows, then facial mask.  The world is my oyster, I have even expanded my makeup. Now before you get too excited I have only added a few things but I am willing to expand and experiment. Last night before we went out to the movies I looked at myself in the mirror and I actually thought to myself “hey you are really beautiful !” Never did I think I was, I always looked at myself as kind of average. But now I see a beautiful me, and as my affirmation, I tell myself every morning ” you are beautiful” I also say ” you are strong, and you can handle anything!”  Do you tell yourself affirmations? I’d love to read them. I think in this world , there is so much judgement and negativity that it’s really nice to actually feel good about something, especially when it yourself. Be proud of who you are , and if a little facial and eyebrows make you feel special, then I say” GO FOR IT!!”

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