Week of Hard Labour DAY 5

fullsizeoutput_5982If there’s one thing I’ve learned this week with this program is that SAGI, the trainer never disappoints when he gives us these workouts to push ourselves and try new exercises. My goodness, I couldn’t believe how much I had sweated this round.  Friday was day 5- Total Body. You’re not kidding, from decline pushups to 8 counts deadlift. My goodness, let’s just say my arms are sore.

I know some people think you can only get a true workout with weights at a gym. Well, I’m telling you this is no joke. It was tough, I used 10&15 lb weights and that doesn’t sound like a lot but trust me when you’re doing 8 reps of squats with a press it’s heavy. I know I”m building myself to get toned and feel good. I know the end result will feel really good too. Why? Not because I’m building muscle, but because I started a program and finished it. My reward will be that I will lose inches and hopefully some weight, but the biggest reward will be that I accomplished it. From pressing play on Day 1 to Day 21.

I know my success is from consistency and motivation. Even with the dam cold, I managed to keep going. I took a couple of days rest, but I got back at it. It feels so great to NOT give up. Not feel like a failure, I failed forward. I had to modify, I had to use lower weights, but it comes in time. They say “Rome wasn’t built in a day” right? Well, it takes time to build my body into a healthy and toned one. Considering I never cared about my body for over 30 years. Think it’s going to take time to get to my goal. But I’m having a blast doing it.!! That’s the main thing right?


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