IMG_8725Have you ever had that one pet, that you feel you’ve got a connection that is different than any other pet you’ve ever had? Well that’s my Sadie. When I rescued her as a puppy I could tell in her eyes, she has an old soul. Like she’s been here many times before like the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” which by the way is an amazing movie.  Sadie has a gentleness, a calming effect. Her and I have a connection I’ve never felt before.  Which to some people would be amazed to know that she’s a Pitbull/ mix. Considering that Pitbulls are banned in Ontario. But that’s a whole other issue, one that drives me crazy.

She is my running partner, my everything. But she isn’t a perfect angel. She has destroyed quite a few things as a puppy(including the couch) but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Now she is our “Miss Piggy”, she sleeps on our bed 80% of the time due to her knee injury. Then eats the rest of the time. Basically only goes outside for business. Unless she hears me at the front door getting ready for a run. Then watch out, she is like a Bat out of hell. Comes running out of a dead sleep, so I don’t forget to take her. Unfortunately, she can’t run with me right now due to her injury, but once I get enough $$, she’ll be back on the road with Lola and myself.  I have to say the only flaw that Sadie has is what other pit bull owners know as a true fact is that “she’s a farter” and boy oh boy she can knock out a room. She even puts my husband to shame. In fact a few times I have heard her fart and she will actually look at her butt and then look at me. So then I’m like really? Oh, they are rank. But again I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that girl, so much.  Everyone usually has a dog that they say is their dog. Well, we all know that Wylie is my husband’s. without a fact. Wylie only puts up with me when Terry is not home. Tug doesn’t care who is his owner as long as there’s food.  Lola loves both Terry and Myself. (but I think she loves me more)  But my Sadie is all mine. She puts up with Terry again only if I’m not around. But she is truly my spirit animal. My true connection, no matter what happens to us both we are always connected. As she lays by my feet, snoring like a banshee, she is my everything. I know I am hers.

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