Week Of Hard Labour – Core

IMG_1503One of the hardest things I have found that going through Menopause is that I have a lot of lack of sleep.  So working the night shift, seemed to be the only solution.  Well, now I’m even finding that difficult. With the lack of sleep.  But I still wake up get dressed and press play on my laptop and stream my workout for the day. Believe it or not but I actually get more energy after my workout.  Go Figure !!

With being a coach, I have a good group of women that are pushing for their goals as well as mine, which has been an amazing journey, to have these ladies in my life to help give me the motivation I might need that day, that push for the consistency.  To see them to getting amazing results have filled my heart even bigger than before.  So in this challenge group, I added a mini challenge called.” muffin top eliminator”  quick little exercises to add to our usual routine of the normal workout. Seemed smart at the time. Well, Tuesday for some reason I totally missed doing it, which doesn’t look good for a coach. lol. So yesterday I had to double up. BOY was that tough. Between the Rusian twists and the Dolphin planks. But then I hadn’t even done my regular workout.

Which of course was more CORE exercises. What was I thinking?  Maybe it was the lack of sleep because I don’t think I was thinking. But I got it done, I did have to modify, I really suck at core workouts. It will come, I will get better. The point is not to give up. Or throw in the towel. I did that way too many times before. Not going to do that again. Besides with all my complaining about doing planks, Russian Twists I really enjoy it. In fact, I love it!! Every day I get to learn how much stronger I’m getting, and what I can accomplish. Who wouldn’t love that?  Doing something all by yourself. That you accomplished! Granted some of the moves were not pretty lol. There was one that he called “drop in the bucket” where you do a side crunch left, then right, then this is where the fun begins. You take your right leg and turn it inside and twist your body enough that only your booty touches the ground. lol. Like I said it was not a pretty sight! But I laughed and sweated the whole time I’m dropping my bucket.  After my workout I got dressed ready for work then I had my amazing recovery/shake to replenish my muscles. I have to confess I am a real chocolate addict. SO this hit the spot I tell you!!


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