The Younger Years

IMG_1309One of the toughest parts of this vacation was going through my mother’s stuff and sorting through all her clothes, jewellery etc.  Seeing what is worth keeping and what is no good and donating or selling. It was a chapter in her life that was very difficult these last few days, for her knowing she won’t be coming back to live in London, Ont. with my Step-dad.  But that the rest of her life she’ll probably be with my husband and me out in Saskatchewan.   There were some tears and some frustration just because they both know that their bodies are failing and they can’t live together for right now.

Going through her stuff I came across this photo and it fills my heart even more with love, mostly because of how beautiful she is in the picture but also because it’s the woman I remember as my mom when I was little.  Her eyes say it all that she has the kindest eyes and the biggest heart. She would do anything for anyone and if she couldn’t do it herself she would find a way or someone who could that needed help.

I guess that’s where I get it from lol.  I came from some good Genes.  I also came across some old letters that my mother wrote my Step-Dad and boy were they beautiful.  They have been together for almost 50 years and she still loves him as much today as she did then.  His and Her memory isn’t the greatest right now, but going through the letters has certainly made her happy again.  Feeling loved all over again. So I’m glad I found them.  If there is anything I have learned from this is that situations happen, life takes it twists and turns. They can be really difficult and they can be easy, but if you have gone through the hard stuff it only makes you stronger.  I know the road is going to be tougher for my mom and myself but I know I’ll be there right by her side through it all and that I will make her time here as best as I can No Matter What.  She deserves to have some kindness and love that she has given all these years to her in her difficult time.

I did remind her that this isn’t the end for her and my father either, they will be together again forever. Might not be right now but it will be in the future forever and always. Just like she ended all her letters to him.


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