Special Evening

IMG_1027I’m so amazed whenever my husband and I come back to Ontario for our yearly visit to our daughter’s place that they always have new board games to play.  Ever since our girls were little we have always played board games. It was kind of our family tradition.  So even to this day they still do.  In fact, they even go on these special nights to a place and play board games.  Last night we had the pleasure of  Tom’s parents coming over for a wonderful evening of an amazing steak supper ( my daughter’s prepared and BBQ’d ) some tasty desserts (which I ate too much of), then finished it off with this New board game.

Now I’m not going to lie, as much as I love playing board games, this one was really not on my top 10 list.  Perhaps it was the fact that I was still exhausted from our long drive. Or just found chatting with Tom’s dad much more entertaining lol. We even found ourselves taking pic’s of each other lol.  I’m pretty sure I was frustrating my daughter but Hey, it was fun!  The fact is that we were having a good time. That’s all that matters.   Looking forward to going over to Pat & Donna’s ( Tom’s Parents) to watch Game of Thrones tonight.

Do you ever have that worry, of when your daughter or son start dating and then they find that person that they connect with and fall in love with? So you get to meet their parents. You think to yourself, Ok I hope they are nice people. For your daughter’s sake etc. Well, I have to say we have never been blessed with such great people. Tom’s parents are amazing! We connected right away and have such a great time when we come to visit. It’s almost like we don’t live so far away. We just connect right away and continue on. Like it hasn’t been a year since we were here.  That’s when you know your daughter has found the right guy, the right connection. Looking forward to spending more time with them.  Maybe not playing this game.? lol. But definitely having a good conversation.

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