My Mom and Her NETFLIX

IMG_0605For as long as I can remember which is going a long way back, TV has been a staple in our house when I was growing up.  Especially when the YOUNG & THE RESTLESS was playing no one could phone, talk or make any noise in that hour.   That was way before cell phones and cordless phones too. lol.

Now my husband and myself don’t watch cable TV anymore , which I think that’s the case for a lot of people. But for my Mom its crucial to have her TV. So we got NETFLIX.  I’m pretty sure we created a monster.  She gets that remote in her hand and watch out, she is a NETFLIX BINGE watcher.  SO much so that a lot of times we end up giving her supper in the living room on a tv table( yes they’re still around ).

Which is why I posted the sign, my mom has a bad habit of feeding her scraps to the dogs. So we had to put a sign on her walker for her to remember NOT to feed the dogs. Which doesn’t always work.  But she means well, and you can’t get mad at her, especially when she gives me that look.

SO what kind of shows would mom watch? Well its a total crap shoot with her, in fact she has started and finished watching some shows that shock the heck out of us.  She would never watch shows like BREAKING BAD or ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. But recently that’s the kind of stuff she likes. SO who am I to argue. She also likes to watch ones like “Call the MIDWIFE” or OUTLANDER.   It all depends on her mood that day, which is like a lot of us. But for her more so.  One thing I have noticed is that she has lost a whole year of her life with all the surgeries , she honestly doesn’t remember anything from the last year. SO we get to rewatch shows that she finished before , because she doesn’t remember them now. Which can be good or bad.

Her personality has definitely changed significantly , but her television hasn’t much at all.  When I took her to get her hearing checked because she would have the volume at its highest when we weren’t around, we found out she needs hearing aids. Well the one set of hearing aids came with a remote. Mom’s first response is ” I can’t have a remote” The dr. asked why and she said” I have a hard enough time getting my NETFLIX , I really don’t think I can handle another remote. ” So we chuckled and the dr. tried to explain and mom just said NO thank you. ” I’ll stick with the manual one.  So between the volume on full blast and the remote forever in her hand , pausing , fast forward, pausing , fast forward. Then gets into iTunes. When we asked her how she got there instead of NETFLIX , she always says the same thing ” it just happen to get there, I have no idea.” with the remote in her hand mind you. !! Sometimes we’re almost afraid to come upstairs to see what she’s watching , we have seen foreign shows/movies like east indian, etc. to Gay & lesbian movies or tv shows , I even saw her watching a show called ROBOT SEX.  Oh yes my mom has quite changed, no more Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown. Nope we have robot sex, or gay/lesbian , foreign films.

As of yesterday Mom has started watching a show called “RELEASE the HOUNDS” , its a game show and its gory and scary. Now the old mom , would never watch something like that but the newer mom , She just laughs it off and makes comments.  What scared her before has no effect on her now.  SO if you have any ideas or shows that you like or liked I would love some input , Like I said she binge watches and were forever running out of new series. !!  Just comment below and I’d love to get some good ideas.  Thanks SO much for the input. !!

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