My Lola

IMG_0717This girl is definitely my needy puppy.  Everyday I’m home and not working she sticks by me so much so that I can’t even go to the bathroom without her wanting to know where I am.   So today wasn’t much different , I was getting ready for my workout and this is what she did to me. She wanted to run but it was raining pretty good , so the fact that I melt like sugar I wasn’t about to go outside. Which meant no run, she was not happy.  I ended up doing my workout instead.

Do you have a fur baby that gives you a hard time when you leave for work or do something that isn’t your regular routine?  I’m Hoping to get out today after my sleep , but we’ll see what the weather brings us. !!

Our Lola , she is truly the most affectionate dog we have ever had. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  She even so much as blocked me when we were running the other day , she knew there was a car / truck coming and I had my earphones on so I couldn’t hear the vehicle and she started cutting me off to get my attention.! I was shocked , I didn’t know she would do that. Needless to say she got extra treats for that . !! Yes I spoil my babies.  Who Doesn’t ?

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