Happy 25th Birthday !!

Untitled design-4This beautiful free spirit  is turning 25 today !! She is my daughter, my youngest daughter actually. I’m always amazed at how both my daughters were born by both hubby and myself and they have totally different personalities.  This girl, is definitely  different from her sister.  She was the more sensitive one, but lately I have to say my oldest has taken on that rule more so.  But Chelsea has always been the very sensitive one , she is all heart, which we both tease that she gets that from me. lol. So much so that when she was younger I was working at LOBLAWS as a deli clerk, and she came home from school and told me that she wanted to be a deli lady when she grew up.  We chuckled of course, but when I went back to school and took my PSW course. Chelsea came home from school and said ” MOMMY when I grow up I want to be a NURSE , just like you! Well she did, she got her BSCN and she has been a Registered Nurse for 2 years now.  She sometimes jokes to me and says ” I’m your boss”.

The hardest part in my life was leaving her behind 5 years ago today. She was in university and she didn’t want to change in the middle of it. Then eventually she met a boy ( who is a great guy, just doesn’t cook much lol).  Which meant  she is staying in our home city.  Not sure if she’ll ever move , but she does like to travel so theres that lol. I will always have that guilt and I still do especially on days like today , when its her birthday and I’m not near her to celebrate.  It tears me apart. But she always reminds me that it was a great decision for us to move, she said that most of her friends are still living with their parents, she has been living on her own for 4 years. She stated it has made her responsible, and mature in so many ways.  Which she always tries to let me know she’s ok and she’s glad we did that change, otherwise she said she probably would still be living at home lol.

Which I doubt very much, she is strong and determined and knows what she wants.  I’m pretty sure in the  fact that I know she would not be still living at home.  Not that I would definitely have loved that , but deep down I’m glad she is so strong and independent. Pretty sure she gets that personality from my husband, besides his toes lol.  So she is celebrating her day by herself going to a show, meeting up with  Tom (her boyfriend) for her favourite place for supper the RIBFEST.  Boy does that girl love her Ribs.  We will be there soon enough and can celebrate her birthday, a belated one. !! Happy birthday my sweet child. You will always be my “boo” and I will always think of you as my baby no matter how old you get.

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